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InfraTech is a comprehensive SCADA solution for infrastructure monitoring and control. InfraTech control solutions incorporate communication between various system inputs and outputs related to total infrastructure control with the use of a central microprocessor controller device. InfraTech applications include lighting control, plant process and instrumentation, smart building and area complex lighting and water / wastewater treatment automation

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MRL Engineering provides water & wastewater treatment plant SCADA solutions knows as “WaterTech” for a variety of applications. Applications include elevated tank telemetry & control, pump stations, water & wastewater treatment plants and automated flood gate control among others.

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MRL Engineering provides comprehensive solution for Renewable Energy Systems. Renewable Energy Solutions helps residential and businesses achieve power efficiency, reduces carbon footprint and monthly energy charges.

Application example of Renewable Energy Solutions includes Solar Feed in Tarrif System, Standalone/Solar Hybrid System, Wind and Hydro Turbine System, Solar Farm and Renewable Energy SCADA Solutions among others.

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The Safety and Security Solutions (SASS) provides a range of high quality, cost effective physical access security solutions that exceeds the requirements of today’s security conscious customer.

Whether it is access points for your perimeter fencing or high security access protection of your sensitive & secure areas, SASS has the best solution to your problem.

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